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349-356 of 356 products

  • $149.00 per ctn (8)

    USG BORAL MARS -1200x600mm


    MARS -1200x600mm - USG

    Offering a combination of sustainable aesthetics and outstanding performance, these panels are specially manufactured to maximise sound control and anti-sag performance. MARS™ ClimaPlus™ Acoustical Ceiling Panels are fine-textured, mould resistant and offer superior sag resistance, high light reflectance values and excellent noise reduction.  Their durability, performance, easiness to clean and attractiveness make them an ideal choice for corridors, department stores, reception areas, lobbies and general office spaces. Applications
    • Offices
    • Conference rooms
    • Healthcare (HIPAA requirements)
    • Classrooms
    • Corridors
    • Reception/Lobby areas
    • Dining rooms, kitchens and food-prep areas
    $149.00 per ctn (8)
    $149.00 per ctn (8)
  • $80.00

    VGL-10 Copper/Timber Wall Scanner

    The VGL-10 Copper/Timber Wall Scanner is a new product in our new exciting range. Want to hang something but you don't know whats behind it? Want to dig but your just not sure of whats there? Well this will help you decide what to do. Specifications: Ferrous Metals: 100mm Non-Ferrous Metals: 80mm Copper Conductors (Live): 50mm Wood: 20mm The VGL-10 Copper/Timber Wall Scanner is covered by a 1 Year Warranty.
  • $1.80

    Wall Clip-Party Wall

    Aluminium Wall Clip-Party Wall: Used to support the 25mm H-Stud, and are critical in the fire performance of systems with a single 25mm Shaft Liner. They are manufactured from 1.6mm aluminium.
  • $67.50

    Wallboard Plastic Taping Tool

    The Wallboard Plastic Taping Tool

    • Beds tape in one easy step
    • Adjustable nylon side handle fits different hand sizes
    • Holds up to 2.3kg of mud
    • Takes 75m and 150m rolls of tape
    • Stainless gears automatically grip and dispense tape onto surface
    • Control knob allows you to get an accurate and consistent coating of mud under the tape
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    Wallboard Sheetlifter

    • Lifts up to a height of 3.35m
    • Tough welded steel construction
    • Great safety with a cam lock break
    • Tilting cradle for lower loading height and single person operation
    • Cradle outriggers stabilise plasterboard sheets
    • Dismantles to fit in the boot of most cars
    • Fast assembly – no tools required
    • Maximum sheet size 1.22m x 4.88m
    • Load capacity 68kgs
    • Safety Certificates available for download
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    WBT Mudbox Original

    Mud Box Original-Wallboard Tools

    The Mud Box Original is one tough taping tool. It's constructed from robust materials like stainless steel and industrial plastics making it extremely hard wearing. The simple “mud bath” design makes the Tapepro Mud Box the fastest professional taping tool to learn and the easiest to use.
    • Mud flow adjuster
    • Large tape wheel (for both 75m and 150m tape rolls)
    • Combo creaser wheel/cutter
    • Manufactured from stainless steel, polycarbonate plastic and aluminium parts
    • Can be used with chemically setting compounds
    • High capacity 2.5L
    • Fast and easy to clean
  • $253.85 per sheet

    3000x1200mm Cemintel Barestone™ Panel External


    Cemintel  Barestone™ PANEL External

    Cemintel BareStone™ Panel is a compressed fibre cement sheet which is purpose manufactured for use in building facades. CeminSeal BareStone™ Panel has water blocking agents embedded in the sheet and does not require a finish to be applied. CeminSeal BareStone™ Panel is 9mm thick,has a natural fibre cement colour (grey), a mass of 17kg/m2, External prefinished panels provide a raw, contemporary finish for an external application


    • Unparalleled design flexibility
    • Prefinished and lightweight
    • Raw, contemporary finish for external application
    • Weathers naturally and seamlessly blends into its environment
    • Can be used in many diverse ways and cut to different shapes and sizes
    $253.85 per sheet
    $253.85 per sheet